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Extreme resistance to infection by potato virus Y and potato virus X in an advanced hybridSolanum phureja — S. Stenotomum diploid potato population
Samples of 4285 individuals from a hybridSolanum phureja Juz. et Buk. —S. stenotomum Juz. (Phu-Stn) and 105 individuals ofSolanum phureja (Phu) diploid potato populations were twice inoculated withExpand
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‘Liz’ and ‘Rocco’ Strawberries
North Carolina Strawberry Association; North American Strawberry Growers Association; Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium; Golden Leaf Foundation; Virginia Strawberry Growers Association
Temperature and Dose influence Phoma macrostoma efficacy on seedling broadleaf weeds.
Phoma macrostoma, a potential biocontrol agent for turfgrass weeds, was isolated from Cirsium arvense plants in Canada and is being tested in other regions of North America for control of broadleafExpand