Rocael Hernández

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—The significant quality increase in open-source e-learning platforms allows for large-scale e-learning courses with significantly reduced costs. This document describes a pedagog-ical model enhanced for effectively providing courses to a large number of students and producing media-rich content suitable to be managed by the open-source e-learning platform(More)
Belyi's theorem states that a compact Riemann surface C can be defined over a number field if and only if there is on it a meromorphic function f with three critical values. Such functions (resp. Riemann surfaces) are called Belyi functions (resp. Belyi surfaces). Alternatively Belyi surfaces can be characterized as those which contain a proper Zariski open(More)
Social Network Sites such as Facebook are being now used by many academics for learning purposes, taking into account studies that report that a majority of young students spend more time in socially related online activities when compared to time in classroom. In online education there are mature models for creating and conducting learning experiences, one(More)
Innovation in technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is constantly evolving, and this includes virtual learning environments (VLE). A cloud education environment (CEE) is a VLE that uses external cloud-based (Web 2.0) tools for learning activities; those tools are loosely coupled to the VLE. To achieve a real CEE, interoperability between systems is needed to(More)