Rocío Suárez-Sánchez

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We have adopted the PC12 cell line as in vitro cell model for studying Dp71 function in neuronal cells. These cells express a cytoplasmic (Dp71f) and a nuclear (Dp71d) isoform of Dp71 as well as various dystrophin-associated proteins (DAPs). In this study, we revealed by confocal microscopy analysis and Western blotting evaluation of cell fractions the(More)
The function of dystrophin Dp71 in neuronal cells remains to be established. Previously, we revealed the involvement of this protein in both nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced neuronal differentiation and cell adhesion by isolation and characterization of PC12 neuronal cells with depleted levels of Dp71. In this work, a novel phenotype of Dp71-knockdown(More)
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