Rocío Suárez-Sánchez

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We have adopted the PC12 cell line as in vitro cell model for studying Dp71 function in neuronal cells. These cells express a cytoplasmic (Dp71f) and a nuclear (Dp71d) isoform of Dp71 as well as various dystrophin-associated proteins (DAPs). In this study, we revealed by confocal microscopy analysis and Western blotting evaluation of cell fractions the(More)
The function of dystrophin Dp71 in neuronal cells remains to be established. Previously, we revealed the involvement of this protein in both nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced neuronal differentiation and cell adhesion by isolation and characterization of PC12 neuronal cells with depleted levels of Dp71. In this work, a novel phenotype of Dp71-knockdown(More)
Even though the Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) gene product Dystrophin Dp71d is involved in various key cellular processes through its role as a scaffold for structural and signalling proteins at the plasma membrane as well as the nuclear envelope, its subcellular trafficking is poorly understood. Here we map the nuclear import and export signals of(More)
To maintain the continuity of an injured blood vessel, platelets change shape, secrete granule contents, adhere, aggregate, and retract in a haemostatic plug. Ordered arrays of microtubules, microfilaments, and associated proteins are responsible for these platelet responses. In full-spread platelets, microfilament bundles in association with other(More)
Although α-dystrobrevin (DB) is assembled into the dystrophin-associated protein complex, which is central to cytoskeletal organization, it has also been found in the nucleus. Here we delineate the nuclear import pathway responsible for nuclear targeting of α-DB for the first time, together with the importance of nuclear α-DB in determining nuclear(More)
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