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Carbonyl levels in indoor and outdoor air in Mexico City and Xalapa, Mexico.
Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde risks were higher in smoking environments, and the highest mean concentration in the offices where there were smokers. Expand
Seasonal Variation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure Levels in Mexico City
The PAH concentrations measured where large industrial areas are located were 2–8 times greater during the fall/winter months (dry-cold season), when winds bear north- north-easterly, than in spring and summer, and the results of statistical analysis using multivariate techniques suggest that motor vehicles are the main PAH contributors. Expand
Carbonyls in the metropolitan area of Mexico City:
The results indicated that formaldehyde was the most abundant carbonyl, followed by acetone and acetaldehyde, and maximum photolytic rate values were obtained at the maximum actinic fluxes, as was to be expected. Expand
Measurements of carbonyls in a 13-story building
The results obtained in this research demonstrated that maintenance of air conditioning systems must be carried out regularly in order to avoid possible adverse effects on health and showed that tobacco smoke seems to be the main indoor source of formaldehyde. Expand