Rocío González

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The purpose of this ethics approved trial was to correlate quantitative MRI with functional abilities in both ambulant and non-ambulant Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Twenty patients with genetically confirmed DMD were recruited. Physical assessment was performed using the motor function measurement (MFM) scale. Axial 3T MRI scans of the thighs were(More)
OBJECTIVE Different approaches to the skull base have been developed through the sphenoidal sinus. Traditional boundaries of the trans-sphenoidal approach can be extended in antero-posterior and lateral planes. We review our experience with the extended endoscopic endonasal approach in the first 12 cases. METHODS We used the extended endoscopic endonasal(More)
Cohomology operations (including the cohomology ring) of a geometric object are finer algebraic invariants than the homology of it. In the literature, there exist various algorithms for computing the homology groups of simplicial complexes ([Mun84], [DE95,ELZ00], [DG98]), but concerning the algorithmic treatment of cohomology operations, very little is(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish the species distribution and in vitro susceptibilities of 358 bloodstream fungal isolates from paediatric patients in Mexico. METHODS Isolates were collected during a 2 year surveillance programme in 14 medical centres in 10 Mexican states. A molecular approach was used to determine the Candida parapsilosis species complex. In(More)
Using different molecular techniques, DNA has been detected in the plasma of cancer patients with various types of tumors. We undertook the present study to investigate the presence of plasma DNA, before mastec-tomy, in patients with breast cancer at diagnosis and to analyze the clinicopathological spectrum of this subgroup of patients with respect to(More)
Multimedia communications over Wireless Local Area Networks like hotspots, are a challenging issue due to the best-effort nature of Internet communications. In a previous work we introduced a Dual-Queue Rate-Controlled mechanism for Access Points (DRAP) in a Hotspot scenario. DRAP has shown to provide some Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees to audio and(More)
Population growth and economic development have impacted the capacity of water resources to meet demands in a number of arid countries. This study focuses on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where low rainfall, high rate of growth and agricultural development are resulting in a dramatic depletion of groundwater resources and an increased dependence on(More)
The energy efficiency of industrial plants is an important issue in any type of business but particularly in the chemical industry. Not only is it important in order to reduce costs, but also it is necessary even more as a means of reducing the amount of fuel that gets wasted, thereby improving productivity, ensuring better product quality, and generally(More)
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