Rocío González-Aguado

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Horner's syndrome (oculosympathetic paresis) is characterised by the classic triad of ipsilateral palpebral ptosis, pupillary miosis and facial anhidrosis. The syndrome arises from the interruption of sympathetic innervation to the eye and adnexa at varying levels. It is a rare complication of neck surgery.We describe 6 patients who presented with Horner's(More)
Meniere disease (MD) is a heterogeneous clinical condition characterized by sensorineural hearing loss, episodic vestibular symptoms, and tinnitus associated with several comorbidities, such as migraine or autoimmune disorders (AD). The frequency of bilateral involvement may range from 5 to 50%, and it depends on the duration of the disease. We have(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Several studies have indicated the benefit of bilateral cochlear implants in the acquisition of binaural hearing and bilateralism. In children with cochlear implants, is it possible to achieve binaurality after a second implant? When is the ideal time to implant them? The objective of this study was to analyse the binaural effect(More)
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