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OBJECTIVE to describe the type of presentation, the clinical manifestations, the response to treatment and the coronary artery abnormalities in eleven cases of children with Kawasaki disease. METHODS Eleven patients who fulfill diagnostic criteria for Kawasaki disease were studied in a six years period. RESULTS the mean age was 26 months, 80 % of(More)
Rhabdomyoma is the most common cardiac tumor detected during fetal life and childhood; nevertheless its incidence is very low. This is a histologically benign tumor, but in some cases may cause hemodynamic repercussion with date of low cardiac output, arrhythmias and exceptionally intrauterine death as occurred in our case, which was detected by obstetric(More)
Intrapericardial teratomas in fetal and neonatal stages are rare. They invade the mediastinum compromising the venous return to the heart and leading to hydrops. We report a case of a neonate with fetal hydrops who required ventilatory support at birth and urgent surgical treatment due to severe respiratory failure. During surgery, a multicyst mass was(More)
BACKGROUND Ocular lymphomas and ocular adnexae lymphomas (OL and OAL) constitute 7-8% of all extranodal lymphomas. OBJECTIVE Describe the clinical, morphologic and immunophenotypic characteristics of OAL seen in our hospital. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of patient records with OL and OAL between July 1994 and July 2005. The following(More)
INTRODUCTION Patent ductus arteriosus in Toluca can cause pulmonary hypertension and ranks first surgery of congenital heart disease in Toluca, Mexico. METHODS In the period between January 2006 and December 51 patients with patent ductus arteriosus went to surgery: 34 (66.7%) were female. We study the reversibility of pulmonary arterial pressure and the(More)
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