Rocío Barreiro

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Milk is a natural fluid and as such contains small amounts of naturally occurring steroids. Human milk is recommended as the optimal source of nutrients for infants and young children, and it has been associated to several short- and long-term benefits. For this reason, its composition is used as a reference for designing infant formulas. However, the(More)
Estradiol benzoate (EB) has been one of the most widely used estrogenic agents in animal husbandry, as a way of exogenously introducing the natural hormone estradiol-17β into the animal organism. Estradiol was previously employed to induce anabolic effects or reproductive improvements in cattle. However, the employment of EB in European countries has been(More)
The dairy cattle may suffer from different infections relatively often, but the inflammation of the mammary gland is very important to the farmer. These infections are frequently treated with penicillin antimicrobial drugs. However, their use may result in the presence of residues in animal products, such as milk powder and/or infant formulas, and it(More)
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