Rocío Alarcón-Reverte

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BACKGROUND Echinochloa colona is an annual weed affecting field crops and orchards in California. An E. colona population carrying a mutation in the EPSPS gene endowing resistance to glyphosate, the most widely used non-selective herbicide, was recently identified in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California. Plants from this population, from a suspected(More)
BACKGROUND Propanil-resistant (R) Cyperus difformis populations were recently confirmed in California rice fields. To date, propanil resistance in other weed species has been associated with enhanced aryl acylamidase (AAA)-mediated propanil conversion into 3,4-dichloroaniline. Our objectives were to determine the level of propanil resistance and(More)
Herbicide resistance is a challenge for modern agriculture further complicated by cases of resistance to multiple herbicides. Conyza bonariensis and Conyza canadensis are invasive weeds of field crops, orchards, and non-cropped areas in many parts of the world. In California, USA, Conyza populations resistant to the herbicides glyphosate and paraquat have(More)
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