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BACKGROUND The Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health (CATCH) tested the effectiveness of a multilevel intervention aimed at promoting a healthful school environment and positive eating and physical activity behaviors in children. The CATCH Eat Smart Program targeted the school food service staff and aimed to lower the total fat, saturated(More)
PURPOSE To assess the level of nutrition knowledge, attitudes and practices related to fruit and vegetable consumption of high school students attending participating parochial schools in the New Orleans area. METHODS The baseline data reported in this study, "Gimme 5: A Fresh Nutrition Concept for Students," represents one of the nine National Cancer(More)
PURPOSE To describe a 4-year intervention targeting fruit/vegetable consumption by high school students. DESIGN This is a cohort study involving six pairs of schools (n = 12) matched on gender, race, enrollment, and location with schools randomly assigned within pairs to intervention or control conditions. SETTING Twelve Archdiocese of New Orleans high(More)
The very personal patient care provided by home care aides necessitates that they come into contact with patients' body fluids and secretions--a very real, although not always visible, source of infection and communicable disease. Therefore, educating HCAs about infection control and principles of universal precautions will maximize employee safety and(More)