Robyn R. Lutz

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Industry currently employs a product line approach to software development and deployment as a means to enhance quality while reducing development cost and time. This effort has created a climate where safety-critical software product lines are being developed without the full range of accompanying safety analysis tools available to software engineers.(More)
Development of sound approaches and software tools for specification, assembly, and deployment of composite Web services from independently developed components promises to enhance collaborative software design and reuse. In this context, the proposed research introduces a new incremental approach to service composition, MoSCoE (Modeling Web Service(More)
Upcoming spacecraft will reuse software components to the extent that some systems will form product families of similar or identical units e g a eet of spaceborne telescopes Missions such as these must be demonstrably safe but the consequences of broad reuse are hard to evaluate from a software safety perspective This paper reports experience specifying an(More)
A recurring difficulty for organizations that employ a product-line approach to development is that when a new product is added to an existing product line, there is currently no automated way to verify the completeness and consistency of the new product’s requirements in terms of the product line. In this paper we address the issue of requirements(More)
Model-based approaches have proven fruitful in the design and implementation of intelligent systems that provide automated diagnostic functions. A wide variety of models are used in these approaches to represent the particular domain knowledge, including analytic state-based models, input-output transfer function models, fault propagation models, and(More)
[Context and motivation] Safety critical software systems pervade almost every facet of our lives. We rely on them for safe air and automative travel, healthcare diagnosis and treatment, power generation and distribution, factory robotics, and advanced assistance systems for special-needs consumers. [Question/Problem] Delivering demonstrably safe systems is(More)
Analysis of anomalies that occur during operations is an important means of improving the quality of current and future software. Although the benefits of anomaly analysis of operational software are widely recognized, there has been relatively little research on anomaly analysis of safety-critical systems. In particular, patterns of software anomaly data(More)