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The Aspergillus aculeatus MRC11624 man1 gene, encoding an endo-beta-1,4-mannanase, was cloned and expressed in the promising heterologous enzyme producer, the ascomycetous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica. Both single- and multi-copy transformants were constructed, and the secretion of the enzyme was evaluated as an in-frame fusion with the LIP2 secretion signal,(More)
Malaria remains the world's most devastating tropical infectious disease with as many as 40% of the world population living in risk areas. The widespread resistance of Plasmodium parasites to the cost-effective chloroquine and antifolates has forced the introduction of more costly drug combinations, such as Coartem. In the absence of a vaccine in the(More)
The diagnostic value of MRI in acute and chronic posttraumatic wrist pain will be demonstrated in several clinical cases. The integration of MRI in a diagnostic algorithm is discussed. The indication of MRI is given for suspected complex ligamentous lesions, occult fractures and soft tissue pathologies, in particular with disconcordant clinical and(More)
A traumatic abdominal wall hernia was observed in association with a colonic laceration due to a pelvic fracture. The presence of this specific combination of injuries is a rare clinical entity. CT evaluation with intravenous and bowel contrast media identified the traumatic abdominal wall hernia and the bowel entrapment.
The kinome is made up of a large number of functionally diverse enzymes, with the classification indicating very little about the extent of the conserved kinetic mechanisms associated with phosphoryl transfer. It has been demonstrated that C8-H of ATP plays a critical role in the activity of a range of kinase and synthetase enzymes. A number of conserved(More)
BACKGROUND The kinome comprises functionally diverse enzymes, with the current classification indicating very little about the extent of conserved regulatory mechanisms associated with phosphoryl transfer. The apparent Km of the kinases ranges from less than 0.4 μM to in excess of 1000 μM for ATP. It is not known how this diverse range of enzymes(More)
Sixteen cases of endovascular treatment of aneurysms and pseudoaneurysms were reported; five patients had true aneurysms, 11 presented pseudoaneurysms of splanchnic arteries. In all cases embolization was performed with coils; in one case we used coils in combination with Ethibloc. In 14 of 16 patients definite occlusion of the aneurysms was achieved(More)
Bacterial lipoproteins possess diverse structure and functionality, ranging from bacterial physiology to pathogenic processes. As such many lipoproteins, originating from Brucella are exploited as potential vaccines to countermeasure brucellosis infection in the host. These membrane proteins are translocated from the cytoplasm to the cell membrane where(More)
PURPOSE To determine and judge patient doses caused by selected interventional and angiographic procedures using the "Multiskip" digital C-arm unit. MATERIALS AND METHODS The dose-area product and the fluoroscopic time were measured for 71 percutaneous transluminal angioplasties (PTA), 33 PTA with stent implantation, and 37 embolizations; in addition,(More)