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Nurses lack a comprehensive body of scientific knowledge to guide the palliative care of patients with nonmalignant conditions. Current knowledge and practice reveal that nurses in many instances are not well prepared to deal with death and dying. Focus groups were used in an exploratory study to examine the perceptions of palliative care among(More)
PURPOSE This article describes different options for the esthetic treatment of anterior teeth, starting with minimally invasive procedures, such as facial surface bleaching and bonding with composites. METHODS The importance of metal ceramic restorations, porcelain shoulder techniques, and metal free ceramics are also emphasized. The options are carefully(More)
A total of 60 ceramometal frameworks were subjected to compressive loading. Half of the specimens had a hollow pontic design. After the addition of porcelain, it was found that there was no significant difference in the fracture resistance of the porcelain whether the pontic was solid or hollow.