Robyn Holmes

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MusicAustralia is a national music discovery service, developed by the National Library of Australia and ScreenSound Australia, National Film and Sound Archive. The service aims to provide seamless access to music and music information resources, in multiple formats, from custodians across all cultural sectors. This paper describes the development of the(More)
This study examines factors affecting MNCs' establishment of R&D centers in China (i.e., China R&D centers). We argue that China offers not only location advantages (e.g., economic growth) that encourage MNCs to establish R&D centers there, but also location disadvantages (e.g., weak intellectual property protection) that discourage MNCs from doing so.(More)
In the western hemisphere an adult ingests more than 300 g of carbohydrate daily and this provides at least 50(% of the total calorie intake (Table I). Most is in the form of starch and sucrose with a small contribution from lactose. Starch, the major food polysaccharide, consists of 85 % amylopectin and 15Y% amylose. Amylose is composed of straight chains(More)
There can be little doubt that there has been increased emphasis on accountability in both preschool and primary school education over the past 20 years. Opinions regarding the value of this position, however, are certainly diverse. Advocates of the accountability movement, rightfully suggest that scarce tax dollars should be spent only on programs that "(More)
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