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The aim of this study was to investigate whether there is an association between antenatal mood state (depression and anxiety) and psychological adjustment to pregnancy. Participants were first-time, low obstetric risk mothers at a Sydney teaching hospital who completed self-report questionnaires measuring depression, anxiety, thoughts about motherhood and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the stated art preferences of pediatric patients through an art survey and determine whether preferences vary, with different age groups associated with different stages of cognitive development. BACKGROUND Exposure to visual art has been shown to have an impact on improved health and satisfaction outcomes. However, there is little(More)
Magic as a therapeutic intervention is used in an innovative, hospital-based program to address the psychosocial issues children and adolescents often experience as a result of illness and hospitalization. A child life specialist and a magician with an MBA collaborated, blending clinical expertise with business acumen and professional-level magic skills to(More)
Panic disorder is significantly overrepresented in the primary care setting, compared with the general population. Patients with panic disorder are expensive to treat because they tend to be high utilizers of health care and are more likely to suffer recurrent psychiatric and physical disorders, present with unexplained somatic symptoms, and attempt(More)
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