Robyn Fay Wilson

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OBJECTIVE In primary care, assessing which patients with bowel symptoms harbour significant disease (cancer, higher-risk adenoma or IBD) is difficult. We studied the diagnostic accuracies of faecal haemoglobin (FHb) and faecal calprotectin (FC) in a cohort of symptomatic patients. DESIGN From October 2013 to March 2014, general practitioners were prompted(More)
The common house crow (Corvus splendens) is one of the best known and most wide spread species of the family Corvidae. It is a successful invasive species able to exploit urban environments, well removed from its natural distribution. It is considered a pest as it attains high population densities, can cause serious economic losses and has many adverse(More)
House crows, Corvus splendens, are highly successful emigrants from the Indian subcontinent that have colonized urban and rural habitats in many locations in Asia. We conducted counts of crows, recorded sound intensities (db) and used a Likert scale to score cleanliness, traffic, trees, and people along 500 m transects in three residential, park and(More)
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