Robyn Coombe

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Multi-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas isolated from clinical specimens at RNS were characterized for resistance phenotype and transferred resistant phenotype. These isolates were obtained over a two year period from different specimens and from patients with varying clinical syndromes. Twenty-six of these isolates were further characterized(More)
The same aminoglycoside 2"-adenylyltransferase was isolated from four gram-negative species which were among a random group of gentamicin-resistant isolates from the same hospital. The enzyme was partially purified from a crude extract which also contained a second modifying enzyme identified as APH(3')-I. The substrate range of the new aminoglycoside(More)
REVIEW OBJECTIVE/QUESTIONS The objective of this study is to review and summarize the methods and tools used to measure comorbidity in localized prostate cancer (PCa) and in particular to assess whether these tools are adequately validated and reliable for determining the impact of comorbidity on survival and treatment decisions for this(More)
REVIEW QUESTION/OBJECTIVE: The objective of this systematic review is to assess the effectiveness of aggressive treatment of oligometastatic breast cancer (OMBC) on survival outcomes by conducting a meta-analysis of current available evidence.More specifically, the objectives are to identify the effectiveness of intensified multidisciplinary treatment with(More)