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A relational retrieval database has been developed compiling toxicological studies assessing the occurrence of hormetic dose responses and their quantitative characteristics. This database permits an evaluation of these studies over numerous parameters, including study design and dose-response features and physical/chemical properties of the agents. The(More)
A database has been developed that demonstrates experimental evidence of hormesis. It includes information from a broad range of biological models, including plants, and information on study design, dose-response features, and physical/chemical properties of the agents. An assessment of plant hormetic dose responses is presented based on greater than 3000(More)
In 2005 we published an assessment of dose responses that satisfied a priori evaluative criteria for inclusion within the relational retrieval hormesis database (Calabrese and Blain, 2005). The database included information on study characteristics (e.g., biological model, gender, age and other relevant aspects, number of doses, dose distribution/range,(More)
Poultry has commonly been considered highly susceptible to aflatoxins. However, among domestic fowl there is wide variability in specific species sensitivity to these mycotoxins. Comparative toxicological studies in avian species have shown that ducklings and turkey poults are the most sensitive species to aflatoxins, quails show intermediate sensitivity,(More)
Regulatory agencies often utilize results from peer reviewed publications for hazard assessments. A problem in doing so is the lack of well-accepted tools to objectively, efficiently and systematically assess the quality of published toxicological studies. Herein, we evaluated the publicly available software-based ToxRTool (Toxicological data Reliability(More)
The incidence of asthma, a complex disease and significant public health problem, has been increasing over the last 30 years for unknown reasons. Changes in environmental exposures or lifestyle may be involved. In some cases asthma may originate in utero or in early life. Associations have been found between in utero exposures to several xenobiotics and(More)
A relational retrieval database has been developed compiling toxicological studies that assess whether a single dose of a chemical or physical agent, without exogenous promotional stimuli, could cause tumor development in animal models. This database allows for an evaluation of these studies over numerous parameters important to tumor outcome, which include(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this evaluation is to understand the human health impacts of mountaintop removal (MTR) mining, the major method of coal mining in and around Central Appalachia. MTR mining impacts the air, water, and soil and raises concerns about potential adverse health effects in neighboring communities; exposures associated with MTR mining(More)
The present paper examines the susceptibility to chlordecone (Kepone, CD) and carbon tetrachloride across different ages (35, 45, and 63-days-old) in male and female Sprague-Dawley rats using different lengths of time on a CD diet (10 ppm). The principal findings are that the hepatotoxicity and mortality associated with CD-CCl4 interaction is highly(More)
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