Robson R. Lemos

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Mandarin is the common name of a heterogeneous group of Citrus species with a large range of variation in morphological and molecular characters as well as in number of species. Aiming to identify chromosome markers and to clarify the relationship within this group, the karyotype of 13 mandarin accessions were analyzed using CMA/DAPI staining and in situ(More)
The aim of this study is to present a detailed continuum mechanics formulation, and the corresponding algorithms, to predict the deformation of skeletal muscle at different structural levels, starting from the muscle fiber level. The model is used to investigate force production and structural changes during isometric and dynamic contractions of the cat(More)
This paper describes the modeling and simulation of the deformation of human skeletal muscle at different structural levels based on sound scientific principles, experimental evidence, and state-of-art muscle anatomy and physiology. The equations of a continuum model of a muscle with realistic architecture, including internal arrangement of muscle fibers(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of changing elastic properties of tendon and aponeuroses on force production and muscle geometry. A three-dimensional, structural, continuum mechanics model of the cat medial gastrocnemius was used for this purpose. Increasing compliance in tendon and aponeuroses caused a decrease in the peak isometric(More)
Programmable graphics processor units (GPU), such as the NVIDIA Geforce 8800 series, offer a raw computing power that is often an order of magnitude larger than even the most modern multicore CPUs, making them a relatively inexpensive platform for high performance computing. In this paper, we report the development of two Krylov subspace solvers, the(More)
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