Robson Pederiva

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A magnetic actuator as excitation source in rotative systems is proposed, in order to accomplish modal analysis without contact between the actuator and the rotor. Although the use of electromagnets for applying forces to rotating machinery have been carried out with high performance level (for example, magnetic bearings), the development of a conveniently(More)
A model based method for diagnosis of malfunction in rotor systems using equivalent loads and genetic algorithm method is presented. The presence of the fault changes the dynamic behavior of the system, and this change is taken into account by equivalent loads acting on the undamaged system model. Equivalent loads are fictitious forces and moments acting in(More)
Electric motors are essential components in most industrial processes. The various faults in induction machines can result in drastic consequences for an industrial process. The main problems are related to rising costs, worsening conditions in the process, and safety and quality of the final product. Many of these faults appear to be progressive. This work(More)
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