Robson L. Moreno

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This article presents the viability analysis and the development of heart disease identification embedded system. It offers a time reduction on electrocardiogram - ECG signal processing by reducing the amount of data samples, without any significant loss. The goal of the developed system is the analysis of heart signals. The ECG signals are applied into the(More)
The Reed-Solomon error correction code is widely used in digital telecommunication systems, including satellite communications and data recording systems such as CD and DVD. This article presents an implementation for the encoder and the decoder of optical communication systems, according to the ITU-T G.709 standard. It presents an approach that multiplexes(More)
This work presents an ultra-low-voltage ultra-low-power weak inversion composite MOS transistor. The steady state power consumption and the linear swing signal of the composite transistor are comparable to a single transistor, whereas presenting very high output impedance. This work also presents two interesting applications for the composite transistor; a(More)
Microelectronics has become a powerful tool of electronic systems for biomedical applications. In recent years, integrated circuits are being fabricated with large densities and endowed with intelligence. The reliability of these systems has been increasing and the costs have been reducing. The interaction between medicine and technology, as it is the case(More)