Robinson Kruse

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The aim of this paper is to introduce a fuzzy control model with well{founded semantics in order to explain the concepts applied in fuzzy control. Assuming that the domains of the input{ and output variables for the process are endowed with equality relations, that reeect the indistinguishability of values lying closely together, the use of triangular and(More)
In this article we present a prototypical implementation of a software tool for document retrieval which groups/arranges (pre-processed) documents based on a similarity measure. The prototype was developed based on self-organising maps to realise interactive associative search and visual exploration of document databases. This helps a user to navigate(More)
In many applications the objects to cluster are described by quantitative as well as qualitative features. A variety of algorithms has been proposed for unsupervised classification if fuzzy partitions and descriptive cluster prototypes are desired. However, most of these methods are designed for data sets with variables measured in the same scale type (only(More)
We propose a novel postprocessing technique for identifying sets of association rules that expose a user-specified temporal development. We explicitly do not use a learning approach that requires the database to be subdivided into time frames. Instead, a global probabilistic learning method is used for induction. The resulting association rules are then(More)
Air traffic at airports is affected by various factors. The capacity of an airport and the demand at a certain point in time are serious parameters that account for a big extent to aircraft delay and related variables. It has been proven that weather is another important impact in this regard. Although weather cannot be controlled, the knowledge of how(More)
We propose a novel and more flexible relevance feedback for association rules which is based on a fuzzy notion of relevance. Our approach transforms association rules into a vector-based representation using some inspiration from document vectors in information retrieval. These vectors are used as the basis for a relevance feedback approach which builds a(More)
While in standard fuzzy clustering one optimizes a set of prototypes, one for each cluster, we study fuzzy clustering without prototypes. We define an objective function, which only depends on the distances between data points and the membership degrees of the data points to the clusters, and derive an iterative membership update rule. The properties of the(More)
The European integration process has been accompanied by an increasing openness to trade within Europe. Boosting trade within Europe is a longstanding concern of the EU. Economic literature has paid attention to estimate the effect of single integration steps and has focused mainly on the Euro effect. A priori, it is not clear which event had most crucially(More)
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