Robin van den Berg

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An apparatus is described for the quantitative assessment of important parameters that characterise motor performance in normal subjects and in patients with different types of motor disorders. The apparatus has a handle that can be moved along a straight horizontal track either by the subject (to study voluntary movements) or by a torque motor (to study(More)
A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of multiple small and simple computers (nodes), whose performance is tightly linked to its unpredictable deployment environment. It is nearly impossible to design a WSN that performs well in every scenario; instead they are developed for a specific context, with performance rapidly decreasing when environment(More)
Distension and chemo sensitization of the stomach are insufficient to induce a ghrelin response, suggesting that post gastric feedback is required. This post gastric feedback may be regulated through insulin. We investigated the relation between gastric emptying rate and the postprandial ghrelin response, as well as the role of insulin and other hormones(More)
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