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Chitosan is a biopolymer that exhibits osteoconductive, enhanced wound healing and antimicrobial properties which make it attractive for use as a bioactive coating to improve osseointegration of orthopaedic and craniofacial implant devices. Coatings made from 91.2% de-acetylated chitosan were chemically bonded to titanium coupons via silane-glutaraldehyde(More)
Chitosan, a derivative of the bio-polysaccharide chitin, has shown promise as a bioactive material for implant, tissue engineering and drug-delivery applications. The aim of this study was to evaluate the contact angle, protein adsorption and osteoblast precursor cell attachment to chitosan coatings bonded to titanium. Rough ground titanium (Ti) coupons(More)
Preliminary results are presented for non-radiative and radiative muon pair production and limits on the production of excited muon states. A new measurement of the tau lepton lifetime is presented. Calorimeter studies of multihadron production are described, with preliminary results for the total and energy-correlation cross section and inclusive muon(More)
The MAC detector is shown in Fig. 1. Charged particles produced with polar angles between 17O and 163O are analyzed in the central tracking chamber, which comprises 833 drift cells arranged as 10 layers in a common gas volume. Each cell contains a double sensewire pair connected to differential electronics so that drift distance is determined without(More)