Robin Wesselink

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The ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Project aims to identify all functional elements in the human genome sequence. The pilot phase of the Project is focused on a specified 30 megabases (È1%) of the human genome sequence and is organized as an international consortium of computational and laboratory-based scientists working to develop and apply(More)
Dags represent a major cost to sheep farmers, in both monetary terms and because of the stress associated with flystrike. Historically, the incidence of dags has been attributed in large part to worm burdens, but other causes may be more important, viz parasite larval challenge, fungal endophyte and selection of sheep for resistance to worms. These and(More)
OBJECTIVE Cerebrovascular reactivity can provide a continuously updated individualized target for management of cerebral perfusion pressure, termed optimal cerebral perfusion pressure. The objective of this project was to find a way of improving the optimal cerebral perfusion pressure methodology by introducing a new visualization method. DATA SOURCES(More)
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