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Despite the large potential role that community nurses have in providing individualized health promotion to older people, there is a lack of consensus in the literature regarding this role's effectiveness and efficiency. This article presents a literature review and synthesis of 12 randomized controlled trials selected from 344 published studies on(More)
AIM This paper reports a study evaluating the comparative effects and costs of a proactive nursing health promotion intervention in addition to usual home care for older people compared with usual home care services alone. BACKGROUND An ageing population, budget constraints and technological advances in many countries have increased the pressure on home(More)
This study determined the effects and costs of a multifactorial, interdisciplinary team approach to falls prevention. Randomized controlled trial of 109 older adults who are at risk for falls. This was a six-month multifactorial and evidence-based prevention strategy involving an interdisciplinary team. The primary outcome was number of falls during the(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the relation between chronic pain and psychological comorbidities, and the influence on course and prognosis, based on epidemiologic and population studies. METHOD We present a narrative overview of studies dealing with the epidemiology of chronic pain associated with mental health and psychiatric factors. Studies were selected that(More)
The course and prognosis of persistent pain are largely unknown. In addition, follow-up studies of chronic pain sufferers have come from specialized pain clinics and have ignored the question of how representative this special group is to the general population who suffer persistent pain. Because health care planners are assumed to require these data for(More)
BACKGROUND Biopsychosocial treatments address the range of physical, psychological, and social components of chronic pain. OBJECTIVE This review sought to determine how effective unimodal and multimodal biopsychosocial approaches are in the treatment of chronic pain. METHODOLOGY The literature search identified three systematic reviews of the literature(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the epidemiologic literature concerning psychosocial mediators of outcome in chronic pain. These factors deserve attention in the assessment and treatment of chronic pain by mental health professionals. METHOD We reviewed literature dealing with epidemiologic perspectives on abuse, depression, addiction, employment, coping skills, and(More)
As new technologies extend the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA), the need increases for services that optimize their quality-of-life cost effectively. This study of PHAs (n = 297) in Ontario, Canada, examined the prevalence of depression, and its association with quality-of-life, coping strategies, social support, and use of health and social(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare a specialized interprofessional team approach to community-based stroke rehabilitation with usual home care for stroke survivors using home care services. METHODS Randomized controlled trial of 101 community-living stroke survivors (<18 months post-stroke) using home care services. Subjects were randomized to intervention (n=52) or(More)