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Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a nephrotoxin which blocks plasma membrane anion conductance in Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells. Added to the culture medium, OTA transforms MDCK cells in a manner similar to exposure to alkaline stress. By means of video-imaging and microelectrode techniques, we investigated whether OTA (1 μmol/liter) affects intracellular pH(More)
The current study deals with experimental use of an ultrasound generator for phacoemulsification and its effect on bovine corneal endothelium. The extent of the endothelial defect was defined by staining cell borders and nuclei. Histological examination showed that endothelial cells on the edge of a defect had no nuclei and were partially detached from the(More)
The authors report about investigations for localization of tumours in vivo by scintigrafic iddntification of Clostridium butyricum Jena H8 by 131I-labelled antibodies and by 131I-labelled F(ab')2-fragment antibodies in mouse transplantation-tumour UVT 15264. The application of 131I-labelled anti-clostridial-rod-antibodies in tumour bearing mice(More)
Estradiol binding proteins in frozen sections of human breast tumors, ovarian carcinomas, hypernephromas, rat uteri and cow udders were demonstrated by fluorescent labeled estradiol bovine serum albumin conjugate (cytochemical or direct method). The specificity of the binding of estradiol conjugate to tissue sections was tried to approach by addition of(More)