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The importance of the visual field on driving performance was investigated. This was undertaken by simulating binocular visual field defects for a group of young normal subjects and assessing the impact of these defects on performance on a driving course. Constriction of the binocular visual field to 40 or less, significantly increased time taken to(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of simulated visual impairment on the driving performance of elderly subjects and the relation between changes in driving performance and vision were investigated. METHODS Vision was impaired by goggles simulating the effects of cataracts, binocular visual field restriction, and monocularity. Driving was assessed on a road circuit(More)
This is a single case report of an elderly patient who had blunt trauma in an eye that had phacoemulsification and two trabeculectomies. She had good vision with a well-functioning bleb before the trauma. She presented during her routine follow-up visit for glaucoma with isolated aniridia and an intact globe. The capsular bag, zonules, and the intraocular(More)
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