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A graph is a minor of another if the first can be obtained from a sub-graph of the second by contracting edges. An excluded minor theorem describes the structure of graphs with no minor isomorphic to a prescribed set of graphs. Splitter theorems are tools for proving excluded minor theorems. We discuss splitter theorems for internally 4-connected graphs and(More)
To determine predictors of acute coronary closure after PTCA performed with steerable catheter systems, we compared 140 procedures complicated by acute closure and 311 representative successful attempts from 4,772 procedures performed between April 1982 and March 1986. Sixteen clinical, 35 angiographic, and seven procedural variables were analyzed.(More)
Restenosis after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is strongly associated with incomplete initial dilatation. To determine if oversized PTCA balloons would reduce the restenosis rate without increasing the risk of arterial dissection and acute complications, we prospectively randomized 336 patients to receive either smaller or larger(More)
For each infinite cardinal k we give several necessary and sufficient conditions for a graph not to contain a minor isomorphic to the infinite k-branching tree in terms of a certain kind of a "tree-decomposition," in terms of a "path-decomposition," and also in terms of a "cops-and-robber game." We also give necessary and sufficient conditions for a graph(More)