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With the increasing processing power and plummeting costs of multimedia technologies, our ability to ubiquitously access and disseminate information continues to become indefinitely easier. However, emerging research shows that we are struggling to process information as fast as it arrives. The problem of information overload is a significant one for(More)
Electronic networks of practice are computer-mediated social spaces in which individuals working on similar problems self-organize to help each other and share perspectives. Based on previous research positing that the interaction created by network participants produces an online public good of knowledge, the purpose of this empirical paper is to use(More)
1 to exclude virtual currency provider Liberty Reserve from the U.S. financial system. 2 This article will discuss: the regulation of virtual currencies, cybercrimes and payment systems, darknets, Tor and the " deep web, " Bitcoin; Liberty Reserve, Silk Road, and Mt. Gox. Virtual currencies have quickly become a reality, gaining significant traction in a(More)