Robin Sunderland

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BACKGROUND Recent studies have found plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) to be a predictor of outcome after discharge from the intensive care unit (ICU). To assess the generalizability of this finding, we assessed the value of CRP on the day of ICU discharge as a predictor of unplanned ICU readmission and unexpected death within 2 weeks. Plasma albumin and(More)
Accurate dating of initial mineralization in the dentition was derived from fetuses aged according to the maternal history, assessment of gestational age by obstetricians, paediatricians and pathologists, histological evaluation of their cerebellar and renal development, and accurate measurements of crown-rump length, skull circumference, brain and body(More)
Among the 45,204 live births in Birmingham in the three calendar years 1981-3, there were 218 postneonatal deaths, giving a postneonatal mortality rate of 4.82 per 1000 live births. Postneonatal mortality rates were 4.22 for whites, 5.91 for Asians (relative risk 1.26, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.04 to 1.53) and 8.20 for Afro-Caribbeans (relative risk(More)
Examination of the records of hospital admissions and all deaths among the 40,544 Sheffield children who were aged less than two years in the period 1975-79 revealed 475 children admitted with their first febrile convulsion and 50 children who presented as cot deaths. Rectal temperatures taken before refrigeration were traced for 24 of the latter. 10 of(More)
John Locke (1632–1704) is primarily remembered for his highly influential philosophical works regarded as the engine of the Enlightenment. It is less well known that Locke also was a highly regarded and influential physician. In 1666, Locke performed a postmortem examination of an 18-month-old child who had physical signs of rickets. Locke, a medical(More)
Many children experience treatable moderate to severe pain following surgery. Increasingly, children undergo surgery as day cases, and, as such, parents are more likely to be responsible for managing pain post-operatively. Research in the United States and Finland has found parents fear the side effects of analgesics; think they are addictive; and that(More)
Necropsy reports were traced for 3928 of the 7049 Sheffield children who died between 1947 and 1979. Comparison of these reports with the related death certificates showed important differences in the underlying cause of death in 15%, even after allowing for variation in diagnostic terms and incorrect completion of certificates. Approximately one third of(More)