Robin Stryker

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A characteristic case of overwhelming postsplenectomy infection in a previously healthy, 25-year-old man is presented. The patient progressed from influenza-like symptoms to irreversible septic shock and death within 24 hours. His spleen had been removed nine years earlier because of abdominal trauma. Aggressive therapy, including IV fluids, antibiotics,(More)
This article uses the case of Chinese migrant lawyers to examine how the spatial mobility of individual practitioners shapes the social structure of the profession. Drawing on data from 261 interviews conducted in twelve Chinese provinces during 2004–2010, the 2009 Chinese Legal Environment Survey, lawyer yearbooks, and other public sources, the authors(More)
Long-term care in nursing homes needs a therapeutic, not a custodial, focus. Given that many such institutions are custodial, how can the orientation be changed? Transforming the environment of a nursing home is not merely a pipe dream--it has been successfully accomplished. The founders of one such project have written a book that charts their program's(More)
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