Robin Stevens

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Despite the interest in the effects of the media on sexual behavior, there is no single method for assessing exposure to a particular type of media content (e.g., sex). This paper discusses the development of six sexual content exposure measures based on adolescents' own subjective ratings of the sexual content in titles in 4 media (i.e., television, music,(More)
We examined the efficacy and mediation of Being Responsible for Ourselves (BRO), an HIV/STI risk-reduction intervention for African American men who have sex with men (MSM), the population with the highest HIV-diagnosis rate in the US. We randomized African American MSM to one of two interventions: BRO HIV/STI risk-reduction, targeting condom use; or(More)
Wells who collated and contributed large amounts of species records and autecological information to the BBA. We are also very grateful to the many other individuals who provided invaluable help, including biological records, autecological information, and information on management outcomes, without these generous contributions the BBA would not have been(More)
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