Robin Simon

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Stylometry is a discipline that determines authorship of literary works through the use of statistical analysis and machine learning. While this discipline has been used successfully to determine authorship of famous literary works, the area of analyzing digital content is still relatively new with much more to discover. Since the early to mid 1990’s the(More)
The Coulter FACULTY knowledge-based systems, Professor Petrushka for peripheral blood interpretation, Professor Fidelio for flow cytometry immunophenotyping and Professor Belmonte for bone marrow reporting, have been installed in several hospitals in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. In Spain and Portugal, the systems are part of the IZASA-Coulter(More)
The solutions to the different variants of the readers-writers problem s (readers priority, writers priority, . . . ) have been widely published and commented in the Ada literature . So it is quite surprising to observe that all the solutions to the writers priority problem are flawed . This i s illustrated in section 2 . Note that solutions to the readers(More)
About fifty percent of patients consulting their primary care physician complain of sleep disorders. Clinicians have to distinguish normal from abnormal sleep. For example, sleep normality is usually characterised by an apnea/hypopnea index < 5 h(-1) in absence of sleep symptoms. However such an index varies in relation with age, gender, body mass index,(More)
Sleep apnoea syndrome is a frequent disease, occurring in men aged more than 30 years and in postmenopaused women. Its prevalence is more than 1% in men and between 0,3%-0,5% in women. It is an important public health problem. Diagnosis is made by polysomnography, which is considered as a gold standard, or by polygraphy. Sleep apnoea syndrome must be looked(More)
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