Robin S Friedman

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We report a general approach for three-dimensional (3D) multifunctional electronics based on the layer-by-layer assembly of nanowire (NW) building blocks. Using germanium/silicon (Ge/Si) core/shell NWs as a representative example, ten vertically stacked layers of multi-NW field-effect transistors (FETs) were fabricated. Transport measurements demonstrate(More)
Macroelectronic circuits made on substrates of glass or plastic could one day make computing devices ubiquitous owing to their light weight, flexibility and low cost. But these substrates deform at high temperatures so, until now, only semiconductors such as organics and amorphous silicon could be used, leading to poor performance. Here we present the use(More)
The introduction of an ambient-temperature route for integrating high-mobility semiconductors on flexible substrates could enable the development of novel electronic and photonic devices with the potential to impact a broad spectrum of applications. Here we review our recent studies demonstrating that high-quality single-crystal nanowires (NWs) can be(More)
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