Robin S Feldman

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2447 to share in the savings from accountable care, which can foster greater consumer engagement and support for these delivery reforms. The fourth challenge is to learn what works — and what doesn’t — and then to use that new understanding to inform policy and practice. Assuming responsibility for spending, quality, and health outcomes represents a major(More)
thrombolysis in a developing nation. We found that those patients who were randomized to receive RIC upon arrival at the hospital and before thrombolytic therapy experienced a significant reduction in enzymatic MI size compared with the control group. The size of this cardioprotective effect was comparable to that observed in STEMI patients treated by PPCI,(More)
Patent trolls—also known variously as non-practicing entities, patent assertion entities, and patent monetizers—are a top priority on legislative and regulatory reform agendas. In modern debates, however, the biopharmaceutical industry goes conspicuously unmentioned. Although the biopharmaceutical industry is paradigmatically centered on patents,(More)
The safety of DHA-rich oil from Schizochytrium sp. and ARA-rich oil from Mortierella alpina was separately evaluated by testing for gene mutations, clastogenicity, and aneugenicity, and by conducting 28-day and 90-day dietary studies in Wistar rats. The results of all genotoxicity tests were negative. The 28-day and 90-day studies involved dietary exposure(More)
Whatever else I might own in this world, it would seem intuitively obvious that I own the cells of my body. Where else could the notion of ownership begin, other than with the components of the tangible corpus that all would recognize as "me"? The law, however, does not view the issue so neatly and clearly, particularly when cells are no longer in my body.(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of nuts on major cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, including dose-responses and potential heterogeneity by nut type or phytosterol content, are not well established. OBJECTIVES We examined the effects of tree nuts (walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts) on blood lipids(More)
We recently published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine describing a crisis in cognitive testing, as doctors and medical researchers increasingly face copyright claims in sets of questions used for testing mental state. We encouraged the creation of a cultural norm in medicine, in which medical researchers would ensure continued availability(More)
Research universities have made enormous contributions to the field of medicine and the treatment of human disease. Alone or in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers have added to the store of knowledge that has led to numerous life science breakthroughs. A new chapter may be opening for academic researchers, however, that could(More)