Robin S. Codding

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The APA Division 16 Working Group on Translating Science to Practice contends that implementation science is essential to the process of translating evidence-based interventions (EBIs) into the unique context of the schools, and that increasing attention to implementation will lead to the improvement of school psychological services and school learning(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous research has found ADHD symptoms to be common in the general population but has not compared endorsement of symptoms between ADHD and non-ADHD groups. This study examines self-reported ADHD symptoms and academic complaints in college students. METHOD Students without (n = 496) and with ADHD (n = 38) completed a questionnaire covering(More)
(2008). The effects of tier 2 intervention on the mathematics performance of first-grade students who are at risk for mathematics difficulties. (1999). Exploring the roles of the visual-spatial sketch pad and central executive in children's arithmetical skills: Views from cognition and developmental neuropsychology. Culturally responsive classrooms for(More)
A paucity of research has examined the utility of curriculum-based measurement (CBM) for data-based decision making at the secondary level. As schools move to multitiered systems of service delivery, it is conceivable that multiple screening measures will be used that address various academic subject areas. The value of including different CBM indices(More)
The purpose of this randomized controlled trial was to evaluate elementary-aged students' writing fluency growth in response to (a) instructional practices, (b) sex differences, and (c) student's initial level of writing fluency. Third-grade students (n=133) in three urban elementary schools were randomly assigned to either an individualized performance(More)
HONORS 2014 Selected as one of two individuals to participate in the Mid-Career Scholar Research Initiative by the Society for the Study of School Psychology which provides grant funding mentorship. 2014 Selected to serve as a catalyst scholar for the 2015 School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference sponsored by the Society for the Study of School(More)
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