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This paper presents results from a UK Open University project which surveyed consumers’ reasons for adoption, and non-adoption, of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems – collectively called low and zero carbon technologies – and their experiences of using these technologies. Data was gathered during 2006 via an online questionnaire with(More)
Heat pumps for space and water heating are recognised by EU governments as a key technology to meet carbon reduction and renewable energy targets, especially as electricity supplies are decarbonised. As a result of many socio-economic and technical factors, heat pumps are well-established in some EU countries, while in others including the UK, the market is(More)
Product designs evolve and change over long periods of time, through phases of experimentation, consolidation and maturity, followed by further innovation or by decline. The examples used to illustrate this process of evolution are innovations in environmentally responsible ‘green’ products (or ecodesigns) in the areas of bicycles, automobiles, housing,(More)
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