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73 , a project led by the University of Edinburgh and funded by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee, UK), arises from an existing consortium of academic data support professionals working in the domain of social science datasets (Data Information Specialists Committee-UK). We are working together across four universities with colleagues engaged in(More)
Depositor is not in dcterms. Note: DRIADE application profile (Carrier et al, 2007) used DDI namespace for Depositor. Can this be done within DC? Type defines the scope of this repository, which is meant to be for research data only, but data for analysis comes in many shapes and sizes. (The DCMI definition of dataset includes database.) We decided to draw(More)
The development of the Internet has caused revolution in the way in which all forms of scholarship are conducted. The Scientific Method itself is changing as a result of the dependence of all sciences on their accumulations of digital data. The National Science Board report on long-lived digital data collections is a strong confirmation for the need to have(More)
Purpose Successful scientific investigations at CAM institutions are often hampered by limited research infrastructure. Enhancing the clinical trial capabilities of our chiroprac-tic research center was one goal of 2 NIH/NCCAM developmental center grants. Methods Web applications were enhanced and customized based on individual project needs and trial team(More)
This poster presentation will chart the overlapping goals, relationships, and roles of the participating data information specialists, institutional repository developers, and social science researchers at each of the four partnering institutions of the DISC-UK DataShare project in relation to the data life cycle. The presentation also will introduce a new(More)
– This paper discusses extended professional development training in research data management for librarians piloted at the University of Edinburgh. Division (IS) has developed a high-level plan or 'Roadmap' 76 to deliver research data services across 4 strategic areas: data management planning, active data infrastructure, data stewardship, and data(More)