Robin R McGoey

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During the last decade, mounting evidence has implicated the human neurotropic virus JC virus in the pathology of colon cancer. However, the mechanisms of JC virus-mediated oncogenesis are still not fully determined. One candidate to mediate these effects is the viral early transcriptional product T-Antigen, which has the ability to inactivate cell cycle(More)
Although Δ⁹-THC has been approved to treat anorexia and weight loss associated with AIDS, it may also reduce well-being by disrupting complex behavioral processes or enhancing HIV replication. To investigate these possibilities, four groups of male rhesus macaques were trained to respond under an operant acquisition and performance procedure, and(More)
Following a hypoxic-ischemic insult, the globus pallidus is selectively spared from ischemic injury in contrast to the caudate and putamen. The known causes for hemorrhagic and necrotic lesions selective for injuring the globus pallidus are varied but few. The most widely known etiology is in fatal cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. Additionally reported(More)
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