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BACKGROUND Nappy rash accounts for 20% of dermatology consultations in childhood, but its causes are poorly understood. AIM To determine the incidence of nappy rash during the first four weeks of life in a geographically defined United Kingdom (UK) population, and to study the factors associated with developing the rash. METHOD The data are derived from(More)
New health-based indicators of environmental quality are being sought. In this search a retrospective analysis was undertaken for all persons in England and Wales who, during 1988-91, were given Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (HBIG) in prophylaxis against Hepatitis B infection after accidental percutaneous or permucosal exposure, and for whom a surveillance(More)
SUMMARY The aetiology of malignant melanoma is not wholly explained by exposure to sunshine. The present of arsenic in the soil has been suggested as a possible causative factor. Geographical clustering of malignant melanoma cases in the South Western Region is demonstrated for males and this clustering is associated with the distribution of arsenic in the(More)
A survey of the information needs of patients and visitors to a large District General Hospital was conducted during a one-month period in 1988 to identify sources of information used by patients and their visitors, whether these sources were perceived as adequate and what improvements were suggested. The findings indicate that of 406 respondents, 37% had(More)
Although the risks of contracting Weil's disease in the UK are small, it can be a serious illness. Recently the disease has attracted public interest. This interest has prompted confusion and anxiety among recreational water user groups such as canoeists who had not previously seen themselves as being particularly at risk. In this paper, the experience of(More)
AIMS To establish the extent of doctor input to occupational health (OH) service provision in the UK National Health Service (NHS) in 2001 and to compare this with inputs in 1998. METHOD A postal questionnaire was used to obtain information from OH medical staff employed by the NHS in England and Wales. RESULTS The NHS OH service has seen an increase(More)
A questionnaire about diarrhoea and how people react to it was answered by 400 people aged 16-70 years, most of whom were in employment (77% of respondents). There was wide variation in perceptions and reactions. Older persons and people in skilled trades were more likely to consider any increased bowel looseness or frequency of their usual bowel habit as(More)
Concern has been expressed that the University of Bristol does not yet have an academic department of General Practice.1 The arrangements for teaching General Practice also differ from those in other U.K. medical schools in that students are not attached to Teachers in General Practice until the final year of the undergraduate curriculum.1,2 For these(More)