Robin P. Mooney

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The Bridgman furnace is widely used in industry and research. This paper outlines a working 1-dimensional model for tracking the columnar solidification front in a Bridgman furnace where the pulling velocity, and hence front position, change as a function of time. The front tracking model is applied to a fixed grid of control volumes using an explicit(More)
Direct measurement of heat flux and heat transfer coefficients in a Bridgman furnace is not always possible using traditional methods. This study characterised a vertical tubular Bridgman furnace using experimental data so that the estimated heat flux and heat transfer coefficients may be used in simulations of future experiments using the same furnace. An(More)
Numerical model verification is a prerequisite to model validation. However, verification can be difficult if an analytical solution is not available for the normally complex problem that the numerical model is setting out to address. This article aims to formally verify a Bridgman furnace solidification front tracking model code in a steady state scenario.(More)
Columnar to equiaxed transition (CET) was studied in a peritectic TiAl-based alloy with chemical composition Ti-45.1Al-4.9Nb-0.25C-0.2B (at.%). Solidification experiments were conducted in a Bridgman-type apparatus using cylindrical moulds made of high-purity Y2O3. The methodology containing appropriate etching and observations under flat light in(More)
A directional solidification experiment of a Ti–Al–Nb–B–C alloy by power down method is simulated using a Bridgman furnace front tracking model. The effect of varying the dendritic growth parameters; C, the columnar dendrite growth coefficient, and n, the undercooling exponent, is investigated. A matrix of growth coefficients and undercooling exponents at(More)
The solidification of gamma TiAl alloys is of interest to the aerospace and automotive industries. A gamma TiAl multicomponent alloy: Ti–45.5Al–4.7Nb–0.2C–0.2B (at. %) has been the focus of a study to investigate the solidification conditions that led to a Columnar to Equiaxed Transition (CET) in a directional solidification experiment where traditional(More)
Computer modelling is an important tool for investigating manufacturing processes. This paper focuses on a numerical model of the Bridgman solidification casting process, used in applications where the solidification rate and temperature gradient require careful control. A 2D axisymmetric model for transient Bridgman solidification is presented. The(More)
Unlearning is the deliberate undoing or reversal of what has been previously learned. This skill has been acknowledged in business and academia as being increasingly important for engineers in a highly changeable 21st century environment; additionally, industry have recently flagged a real-world skill deficit in graduates that can be remedied using the(More)
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