Robin P. Horton

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Genetic variation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has been linked to a number of multifactorial diseases, but there is currently no tool available to predict the optimal size for these investigations. We used a simulation-based (Monte Carlo) permutation test to generate power curves for European mtDNA haplogroup studies, to derive a universal equation to(More)
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that the publication of clinical-research findings in respected peer-reviewed journals is the ultimate basis for most treatment decisions. Public discourse about this published evidence of efficacy and safety rests on the assumption that clinical-trials data have been gathered and are presented in an objective and dispassionate manner. This discourse is(More)
Can the practice and science of medicine ever be reconciled? Several years ago, The Lancet introduced a series of occasional duets entitled, ambitiously, “science and practice.” The idea was to commission 2 writers to review a subject — for example, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, chronic renal failure — in these constituent parts. Once the underlying(More)
Altruistic motives and trust are central to scientific investigations involving people. These prompt volunteers to participate in clinical trials. However, publication bias and other causes of the failure to report trial results may lead to an overly positive view of medical interventions in the published evidence available. Registration of randomised(More)
This paper examines the effectiveness of human factors initiatives and addresses some difficulties reported in calculating the value of such interventions. Company representatives and researchers applied a novel probabilistic assessment tool to estimate the financial impact of two macro-ergonomic projects. Key benefits of the company intranet project(More)
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