Robin Norberg

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Antibodies to cardiolipin were measured in 62 survivors of myocardial infarction under age 45 at 3, 12, and 36 months after the acute event. 13 patients (21%) had raised anticardiolipin antibody levels on at least two of the three sampling occasions. Risk-factor profiles and coronary angiographic findings did not differ between the anticardiolipin-positive(More)
Most foot-propelled swimming birds sweep their webbed feet backwards in a curved path that lies in a plane aligned with the swimming direction. When the foot passes the most outward position, near the beginning of the power stroke, a tangent to the foot trajectory is parallel with the line of swimming and the foot web is perpendicular to it. But later in(More)
Extraocular muscle biopsies from normal individuals and five patients with Graves' ophthalmopathy were analyzed by immunohistochemical staining. Fibroblasts in normal extraocular muscle as well as Graves' extraocular muscles expressed HLA-class II antigens, but the muscle cells did not. There was an increase of interstitial tissue in Graves' extraocular(More)
Clinical myasthenia gravis has been reported in an increased frequency after bone marrow grafting. The number of bone marrow transplanted patients making IgG autoantibodies directed against the autoantigens cardiolipin, SS-B (La) and thyroglobulin was found to be significantly lower as compared to the autoantigen acetylcholine receptor protein. The(More)
When geometric similarity, or isometry, prevails among animals of different sizes their form and proportions are similar. Weight increases as the cube of the length dimension, while cross-sectional areas increase as its square, so in load-bearing structural elements the stress, caused by the body weight, increases in direct proportion to the length(More)
Data mining is an area where computer science, machine learning and statistics meet and where the goal is to discover and extract information such as relations and patterns that's hidden in the data. Depending on the method used and the data set being analysed , it's possible to detect for example fraudulent bank transactions, predict shopping habits,(More)
OBJECTIVE To search for possible serum factors (immunochemical abnormalities) that reflect HLA-B27 associated inflammatory process with the proliferative endarteritis, which is an important cause of severe bradycardia and aortic valve regurgitation. PATIENTS AND METHODS Seventy four men with pacemakers were studied: 24 were HLA-B27 positive and had(More)
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