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Cell killing of L1210 cells by cisplatin has been studied using flow cytometry and DNA gel electrophoresis. Ten hours after a supralethal dose of drug (100 microM), extensive apoptosis was induced. Cells were also susceptible to the induction of apoptosis by nutritional deprivation, for example by incubation in arginine-deficient medium. After treatment in(More)
Seventeen alkylamine ammine dicarboxylatodichloroplatinum(IV) complexes of general structure c,t,c-[PtCl2(OCOR1)2NH3(RNH2)], where R = aliphatic or alicyclic and R1 = aliphatic or aromatic, have been evaluated against L1210 cell lines with acquired resistance to cisplatin (10-fold), tetraplatin (34-fold) or carboplatin (14-fold) using an in vitro(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to determine whether poor movement patterns impact on police recruit task performance. METHODS Fifty-three volunteers were randomly selected from a pool of 173 police recruits attending basic recruit training. Relationships between movement performance, as measured by the Functional Movement Screen, and four occupational(More)
Tactical trainees, like those entering the police force, are required to undergo vigorous training as part of their occupational preparation. This training has the potential to cause injuries. In addition, the physical training, communal living and pressures of tactical training are known to induce immune suppression and have the potential to increase the(More)
BACKGROUND With the removal of gender restrictions and the changing nature of warfare potentially increasing female soldier exposure to heavy military load carriage, the aim of this research was to determine relative risks and patterns of load carriage related injuries in female compared to male soldiers. METHODS The Australian Defence Force Occupational(More)
BACKGROUND Police officers are often required to undertake physically demanding tasks, like lifting, dragging and pursuing a suspect. Therefore, physical performance is a key requirement. METHODS Retrospective data for 76 male police officers (mean age = 39.42 ± 8.41 years; mean weight = 84.21 ± 12.91 kg) was obtained. Data included anthropometric(More)
BACKGROUND Firefighting is a highly stressful occupation with unique physical challenges, apparel and environments that increase the potential for dehydration. Dehydration leaves the firefighter at risk of harm to their health, safety and performance. The purpose of this review was to critically analyse the current literature investigating the impact of(More)
BACKGROUND Police officers are required to perform dynamic movements in unpredictable environments, the results of which can lead to injury. Early identification of poor movement patterns of a police population, and potential sub groups within this population, may provide opportunities to treat and minimise injury risks. The aim of this study was to profile(More)
This article defines minimalist running shoes and examines physiological, biomechanical, and injury rate differences when running in conventional versus minimalist running shoes. A minimalist shoe is one that provides "minimal interference with the natural movement of the foot, because of its high flexibility, low heel to toe drop, weight and stack height,(More)
BACKGROUND Rugby union is a collision-based ball sport played at the professional level internationally. Rugby union has one of the highest reported incidences of injury of all team sports. PURPOSE To identify the characteristics, incidence, and severity of injuries occurring in Australian professional Super Rugby Union. DESIGN Descriptive epidemiology(More)