Robin Macfadyen

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This paper presents a new approach to modeling end-to-end performance for IP networks. Unlike earlier models, in which end stations generate traffic at a constant rate, the work discussed here takes the adaptive behaviour of TCP/IP into account. The approach is based on a fixed-point method which determines packet loss, link utilization and TCP throughput(More)
Preface This synopsis outlines the results of the COST-257 project, prepared for the final seminar to take place in Würzburg, Germany from 27.– 29.9.2000. COST belongs to a framework programme initiated by the Euro-pean Union and stands for " Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research " of EU, Central and Eastern European countries as(More)
Preface This interim report provides an overview of results on source characterization obtained in the COST 257 Action on " Impacts of New Services on the Architecture and Performance of Broadband Networks ". First, the results related to fractal traffic characterization is presented. Multifractal analysis, the issue of non-stationarity and long-range(More)
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