Robin M Sewell

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The reaction of [Ti(mu-ONep)(ONep)3]2 (ONep = OCH2C(CH3)3) with a series of heterocyclic methanol derivatives [tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (H-OTHF), thiophene methanol (H-OTPM), or 2-pyridylcarbinol (H-OPy)-collectively termed H-OR*], led to the isolation of a novel family of OR*-substituted titanium alkoxide precursors. Independent of the initial(More)
The stepwise modifications of stoichiometric mixtures of titanium chloride (TiCl 4) and titanium iso-propoxide (Ti(OPr (i)) 4) by 2-pyridine methanol (H-OPy) led to the isolation of a systematically varied, novel family of compounds. The 3:1 reaction mixture of Ti(OPr (i)) 4:TiCl 4 yielded [Cl(OPr (i)) 2Ti(mu-OPr (i))] 2 ( 1). Modification of 1 with 1 and 2(More)
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