Robin M. Seagger

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Osteoporosis is a major problem world-wide. In the UK, it costs the NHS about pound 1.7 billion per annum. Admission to orthopaedic units for treatment and rehabilitation with fractured necks of femur makes up a large proportion of the cost. The evidence suggests simple, cost-effective treatments can reduce fractures and re-fractures attributable to(More)
The term 'primary glenoid dysplasia' is used to describe a rare developmental abnormality of the shoulder. The symptomatic presentation of glenoid dysplasia has two definite age-related peaks. The first peak is in adolescents and young adults; they generally present with symptoms of instability related to high levels of activity. The second is in the fifth(More)
INTRODUCTION Nearly 1 in 40 of the population seeks medical advice related to a shoulder problem every year. The majority pertain to rotator cuff pathology. Prior to intervention in such patients it is imperative to define whether the tendons are intact or torn. Ultrasonography has become an essential adjunct to clinical assessment in diagnosing rotator(More)
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