Robin L. Welcomme

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Articles O verfishing, environmental degradation, and redistribution of surface water have placed great stress on inland fisheries throughout the world. Human activities usually shift the balance among fish species, causing the extir-pation of many indigenous species and the dominance of a reduced set of often introduced fish species. The result has been a(More)
Articles O verexploitation of the world's fisheries is the subject of much recent concern (FAO 2002, Pauly et al. 2002, Hilborn et al. 2003). Although the global production of fish and fishery products continues to grow, the harvest from capture fisheries has stagnated over the last decade. Today numerous fish stocks and species have declined since their(More)
The reported annual yield from inland capture fisheries in 2008 was over 10 million tonnes, although real catches are probably considerably higher than this. Inland fisheries are extremely complex, and in many cases poorly understood. The numerous water bodies and small rivers are inhabited by a wide range of species and several types of fisher community(More)
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