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Combinatorial regulation of transcription implies flexible yet precise assembly of multiprotein regulatory complexes in response to signals. Biochemical and crystallographic analyses revealed that hormone binding leads to the formation of a hydrophobic groove within the ligand binding domain (LBD) of the thyroid hormone receptor that interacts with an LxxLL(More)
The use of the intravenous anesthetic etomidate for prolonged sedation has been associated with low levels of plasma cortisol and increased mortality. We measured the cortisol and aldosterone responses to ACTH stimulation in five patients receiving etomidate, and we also studied the direct effects of etomidate on enzymes in the rat steroidogenic pathway.(More)
The crystal structure of the rat alpha 1 thyroid hormone receptor ligand-binding domain bound with a thyroid hormone agonist reveals that ligand is completely buried within the domain as part of the hydrophobic core. In addition, the carboxy-terminal activation domain forms an amphipathic helix, with its hydrophobic face constituting part of the hormone(More)
The ligand-binding domain of nuclear receptors contains a transcriptional activation function (AF-2) that mediates hormone-dependent binding of coactivator proteins. Scanning surface mutagenesis on the human thyroid hormone receptor was performed to define the site that binds the coactivators, glucocorticoid receptor-interacting protein 1 (GRIP1) and(More)
This study identifies significant prognostic factors in squamous cell carcinomas of the anterior tongue and floor of mouth. It is clear that the TMN staging system does not account for other important variables that affect tumor prognosis. Tumor thickness and the presence of perineural invasion and intralymphatic tumor emboli should be examined in all(More)
The use of antibiotic prophylaxis does not prevent all postoperative wound infections. The records of 245 patients undergoing major head and neck surgery were reviewed to determine the cause of wound infection which developed in 17 patients. Patients with Stage IV tumors had an increased infection rate as compared to lesser stages (p less than .01).(More)
Platelet monoamine oxidase activity (MAO) was studied serially over time in 16 chronic schizophrenic patients when medication free and then when medicated. Thirteen of the 16 patients had significant decreases in platelet MAO activity following neuroleptic drug treatment. The change in MAO activity was found to be correlated with response to treatment and(More)
Separate genes encode thyroid hormone receptor subtypes TRalpha (NR1A1) and TRbeta (NR1A2). Products from each of these contribute to hormone action, but the subtypes differ in tissue distribution and physiological response. Compounds that discriminate between these subtypes in vivo may be useful in treating important medical problems such as obesity and(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Malnutrition is a significant risk factor for postoperative infections in patients undergoing oncologic surgery. This study was undertaken to determine if perioperative nutritional supplementation with an immune-enhancing formula is superior to standard formula in the prevention of postoperative infectious complications. STUDY DESIGN(More)